Dr. Ky Dele is to extend her expertise and specializations in partnership with an extensive network of experts collaboratively designed to support corporations & leaders with customized consulting programming, professional trainings, and workshops.

Dr Ky Dele has worked with clients as a global solutions source in vast industries to include oil, finance/banking, entertainment, sports, government, entrepreneurial, philanthropic, public & private sectors, commerce and much more. She is uniquely empirically qualified by aggregate of experience, to work with clients to address social, economic, cultural, community and political challenges and opportunities

Her multi-faceted professional experience and the ability to fearlessly infuse her expertise on multiple platforms has positioned her for engagement services as a consultant.
She is not afraid to push the boundaries and necessary barriers to catapult her clients to the next level. She has embarked on her life’s journey with great tenacity with the intent to invest, empower and optimize the most asset, which is in people and the global community.

Her personalized and intensive hands-on approach, vast network of consultants and specified methods are designed to implement impactful and sustainable results

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• Government Relations Engagement & Legislative Advocacy
• Strategic Interface with Federal, State & Local Leaders
• Public & Private Sector Relations & Partnership Development
• Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program Development
• Campaign Planning & Execution ( Political , Social, Community )
• Crisis Management: Policy, Reputation & Community Engagement
• Community Mobilization & Engagement Relations Development
• Public Diplomacy
• Public Policy Development , Strategy And Advocacy
• International Affairs & Diplomacy
• International Market Entry & Support
• Cultural Intelligence & Diversity Solutions

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• Executive Coaching
• Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Program Development & Trainings
• Workforce Development, Organizational Culture & Transformation
• Psychosocial Trainings & Solutions
• Curriculum Development and Trainings

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Created customized programming for financial literacy, employability, and economic empowerment to engage and support underserved communities and youth.


[mvc_infobox shadow=”vc_info_box_shadow” hovershadow=”vc_info_box_hvr_shadow” title_color=”#000000″ image_id=”5406″ alt=”Afrexim Bank/ Twenty2 Agency” image_size=”120″ info_title=”Afrexim Bank/ Twenty2 Agency”]

Member of strategic planning team for the Africa Exim Bank Trade Conference and arranging participation for global businesses in international trade fairs.


[mvc_infobox shadow=”vc_info_box_shadow” hovershadow=”vc_info_box_hvr_shadow” title_color=”#000000″ image_id=”5407″ alt=”National Urban League” image_size=”120″ info_title=”National Urban League”]

Collaborated with the President of the National Urban League to create a platform to highlight local chapters’ African American leaders and communities.


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Assisted an international premiere restaurant with operations in Dubai, Nairobi, and Toronto to identify new locations & partnering with real estate holding company and creating new networks of connections in Toronto, Canada, USA & Caribbean.


[mvc_infobox shadow=”vc_info_box_shadow” hovershadow=”vc_info_box_hvr_shadow” title_color=”#000000″ image_id=”4834″ alt=”United Nations Africa” image_size=”120″ info_title=”United Nations (UN)-Africa”]

Collaborated with UN Africa to connect galvanize diaspora leaders to collaborate in civic engagement programming and create opportunities for United States-based businesses and community programs to extend their resources to Africa.


[mvc_infobox shadow=”vc_info_box_shadow” hovershadow=”vc_info_box_hvr_shadow” title_color=”#000000″ alt=”Guyana” image_size=”120″ info_title=”Guyana” image_id=”5405″]

Spearheading a sensitive presidential national political campaign & advisory group focused on public engagement of youth, women and senior citizens to win a narrowly disputed region for the general elections in the capital region of Guyana.


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Working with the team to distribute hair products in Africa, and safety products for use in the anti Covad19 fight.


[mvc_infobox shadow=”vc_info_box_shadow” hovershadow=”vc_info_box_hvr_shadow” title_color=”#000000″ image_id=”4814″ alt=”Wells Fargo” image_size=”120″ info_title=”100 Black Men of America, Inc”]

Collaborated to create programming to recruit black male leaders as members for their local chapters and increase volunteerism profile with the underserved communities and youth.


[mvc_infobox shadow=”vc_info_box_shadow” hovershadow=”vc_info_box_hvr_shadow” title_color=”#000000″ image_id=”5335″ alt=”George Foreman Enterprises” image_size=”120″ info_title=”George Foreman Enterprises”]

Developed relationships with Nigerian Embassy, corporations, and community partnerships for expansion into the Nigerian market.


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Collaborated with bmw USA to develop a private event targeting African American males featuring the 2017 BMW 7 series and 2017 BMW 5 series . Directly increased the buying power over 1000 potential buyers and collect consumer data and insights to further the market . Secured over 150,000 in unpaid media coverage in national and local publications to brand the new car.


[mvc_infobox shadow=”vc_info_box_shadow” hovershadow=”vc_info_box_hvr_shadow” title_color=”#000000″ image_id=”5338″ alt=”Hugo Boss” image_size=”120″ info_title=”Hugo Boss”]

Developed a celebrity philanthropic community engagement showcase to intregrate the African American audience to experience the brand , engaged celebrities as change agents and networking opportunity for influencers, philanthropists, professional athletes, socialites, trendsetters and affluent both nationally and abroad.


[mvc_infobox shadow=”vc_info_box_shadow” hovershadow=”vc_info_box_hvr_shadow” title_color=”#000000″ image_id=”5336″ alt=”Clean Water Initiative” image_size=”120″ info_title=”Clean Water Initiative”]

Created strategic partnerships for clean water devices with Nigerian doctors in the United States with corporations and communities in Nigeria. Blueprint Global Group handled production, PR, and branding for Cleaner Lagos Initiative at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), featuring awareness and support for clean water devices to be sponsored by Nigerian doctors in the U.S.


[mvc_infobox shadow=”vc_info_box_shadow” hovershadow=”vc_info_box_hvr_shadow” title_color=”#000000″ image_id=”5484″ alt=”Democratic National Committee ” image_size=”120″ info_title=”Democratic National Committee ” caption_url=””]

Worked alongside Michael Blake, Vice Chairman of DNC for black male vote engagement and high-profile stakeholders to support the Biden-Harris campaign and the election of Senator Raphael Warnock


[mvc_infobox shadow=”vc_info_box_shadow” hovershadow=”vc_info_box_hvr_shadow” title_color=”#000000″ image_id=”5344″ alt=”Embassy of Ghana” image_size=”120″ info_title=”Embassy of Ghana” css=”.vc_custom_1623243540345{margin-top: 10px !important;}”]

(2018-2020 ) Worked with US Ambassador and key staff to develop program for male responsibility in Ghana; Ambassador to Promote the year of return to Ghana in 2019: International trade and business development for US/Ghana Bi-lateral trade and business and social development.


[mvc_infobox shadow=”vc_info_box_shadow” hovershadow=”vc_info_box_hvr_shadow” title_color=”#000000″ image_id=”5343″ alt=”Wildwood New Jersey” image_size=”120″ info_title=”Wildwood New Jersey” css=”.vc_custom_1623243549964{margin-top: 10px !important;}”]

Developed and collaborated a tourist marketing strategy which resulted in 200,000 visitors to Wildwood’s boardwalk during the July 4th weekend. There was a 37% increase in hotel lodging and sales compared to data from the 2015 sales report. The event also earned over 187,000 in unpaid media through live coverage, print, and digital press.


[mvc_infobox shadow=”vc_info_box_shadow” hovershadow=”vc_info_box_hvr_shadow” title_color=”#000000″ image_id=”5336″ alt=”National Black Chambers of Commerce” image_size=”120″ info_title=”National Black Chambers of Commerce”]

Provided planning for Africa Caribbean strategy for USA businesses.