Dr. Ky Dele is to extend her expertise and specializations in partnership with an extensive network of experts collaboratively designed to support corporations & leaders with customized consulting programming, professional trainings, and workshops.

Dr Ky Dele has worked with clients as a global solutions source in vast industries to include oil, finance/banking, entertainment, sports, government, entrepreneurial, philanthropic, public & private sectors, commerce and much more. She is uniquely empirically qualified by aggregate of experience, to work with clients to address social, economic, cultural, community and political challenges and opportunities

Her multi-faceted professional experience and the ability to fearlessly infuse her expertise on multiple platforms has positioned her for engagement services as a consultant.
She is not afraid to push the boundaries and necessary barriers to catapult her clients to the next level. She has embarked on her life’s journey with great tenacity with the intent to invest, empower and optimize the most asset, which is in people and the global community.

Her personalized and intensive hands-on approach, vast network of consultants and specified methods are designed to implement impactful and sustainable results

International Public Affairs Strategist (USA, Africa, Caribbean)

• Government Relations Engagement & Legislative Advocacy
• Strategic Interface with Federal, State & Local Leaders
• Public & Private Sector Relations & Partnership Development
• Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program Development
• Campaign Planning & Execution ( Political , Social, Community )
• Crisis Management: Policy, Reputation & Community Engagement
• Community Mobilization & Engagement Relations Development
• Public Diplomacy
• Public Policy Development , Strategy And Advocacy
• International Affairs & Diplomacy
• International Market Entry & Support
• Cultural Intelligence & Diversity Solutions

Leadership Performance Trainings & Solutions

• Executive Coaching
• Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Program Development & Trainings
• Workforce Development, Organizational Culture & Transformation
• Psychosocial Trainings & Solutions
• Curriculum Development and Trainings

National Black Chambers of Commerce